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100W home solar System

100W home solar System with six lighting points Tv with Dish and Decoder start with 2099200

Klf. 2099200 Klf.00

100ltr water heating system

100ltr water heating system fully installed 2360000

Klf. 2360000 Klf.00

60w system with six Lighting

60w system with six Lighting points 998000 start with 300000 You are allowed to pay on installment basis

Klf. 998000 Klf.00

30w home solar System

30w home solar System with three lighting points and phone charging 628800 start with 100k if you need on installment payments

Klf. 628800 Klf.00

Compound Street lighting

Integrated compound street lights fully installed at 950,000 shillings let your compound shine

Klf. 950000 Klf.00